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This concept began over a decade ago.

I remember my first design: a dress. I was on vacation in South Texas, staying with my grandmother who had worked as a seamstress for a great deal of her life. Then, I wore clothes chosen for me, it wasn't my style. It was only the clothing I could beg my parents for, and maybe receive as long as it were in my families budget. I had my fair share of hand-me-downs from various cousins and uncles, but I desperately wanted my own style.

So, I sketched out a dress. One that might not ever see full development. I began a journey to define my own concept of style. My own persona. It's lived in my mind long now, mulling, growing. Constantly rewriting itself, reforming the foundations to what I have waited too long now to create. 

This is it, the beginning of a new clothing company. This will start small...

a mission.

It's all about access to rugged and efficient clothing that can play across any point of day. An easy transition, between a hard days work and a long leisure filled night.

Clothing that can look great and function, built by people who believe in it. 

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